Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Promethea- Birth on the Rocks

Promethea- Birth on the Rocks

Oh Prometheus!
You stole from Olympus on high
delivering fire so low.
Your reward your plight:
eternally boulder bound.
Where is your relevance today?
What Earthly creature will replace;
precious spark from gripping hands
be ripped this day?

Oh Daughter of Man!
You pinched essence from most high,
delivering life below.
Your issue your light,
forever on rocky mound.
Man's hope your delight:
eternally fate unbound.

20" x 16"
Oil on Canvas

Like Prometheus who stole fire from ancient Greek Gods for mankind, only to be chained to mount Olympus for his audacity a very pregnant woman makes her to Lovers Point, Pacific Grove, California sensing her moment to come.  There, before Heaven and Earth, nature threatens to overcome her and biological forces from time immemorial take over to deliver new life, the promise of life, a new hope for mankind.

This painting was featured in the San Rafael Food and Wine Festival and did extremely well. 
Thank you dear Art Collector! (You know who you are;).

Giclees on canvas also available: 
20" x 16" 

Giclee on Canvas

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