Friday, July 22, 2011


by Juan Romagosa

SMILES! Smiles! Smiles!
In the day, in company, smiles;
In the heavy air floating, floating, buoyed up by the wind;
Smiles – not a cloud darkening – all bright and shining;
Bright smiles on the mouths of raised heads:
- O who is that Spirit? that form in the light, with smiles?
What shapely mass is that, stretching, reaching there past the clouds?
…away, in the morn, as you fly, all looking –
O then the unloosen’d ocean,
Of smiles! smiles! smiles!

24 x 36
Oil on Canvas Frame and Poem 
 Certificate of Authenticity from Fine Art Registry
FREE shipping in the US

Anecdote: an art collector in Benicia, California loved it for its "joyful reminder of her own children". She dubbed it Lady Godiva.

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