Monday, July 18, 2011

Musings on the San Anselmo Art Festival

Excellent weather, amazing weather, and a fabulous crowd; could in get any better than that?
It was a good weekend at the San Anselmo Art Festival: delighted onlookers often followed through their initial surprise find - Romagosa Fine Arts - with astute commentary and even more substantial support.  

One particularly memorable exchange came from a gentleman from Toronto who was glad to see our thought-provoking art after his recent experience at the SFMOMA.  A few abstract paintings there reminded him of the story of the Emperor's Clothes - the Emperor was duped into believing he was wearing fine, beautiful clothes, when in fact his tailor had not dressed him at all.  Among the abstract non-art at the museum he referred to a white canvas; that's all it was, a painting of white swirls on white, but was it Art?

It's interesting that art festivals seem to favor one painting over the rest and that varies depending on some unfathomable variable.  This weekends hit was Her Secret; featured above.

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