Friday, October 7, 2011


16" X 20"
Oil on Canvas

Buckaroo is derived from the Spanish word Vaquero, meaning Cowboy. 
A child plays make belief and dares
the forces at large.  Toreador.  Ole'! Lasso in hand, the little-boy chases
 a snake under the protective watch of a bull-shaped tree;
angel above, dreams below.

by Juan Romagosa

Ponder your challenge
innocent child
paso doble balanced
dream of the wild.

Sombrero crowned boy
enacting the king
pretend young cowboy
do your thing.

Mariachi clad vaquero
stalking illusion
acting regal buckaroo
under the sun.

Aspiring to snatch
in magical play
most difficult catch
illusory prey.

Watchfully covered
by bovine gaze
protected and sheltered
by arboreal grace

Bullfighter charro
born to rope
Toreador lasso
slithering hope.

Oil on Canvas

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