Monday, October 10, 2011

Fiesta On The Hill - Bernal Heights

This Sunday (10/16/11) Romagosa Fine Arts will help promote cultural and ethnic diversity at the melting pot neighborhood, Bernal Heights in San Francisco.  
The BHNC (Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center) provides community services for youths, the elderly, and the economically challenged in the form of reasonably priced housing, public safety, as well as Middle and High School after hours programs. 

Convent Dream
Join us in celebrating ethnic pride with Latin American, African American, and Native American and other community members by showcasing artwork like Buckaroo, Lupo et Felicia Reve, and Spirit of America.  Click  the RFA Website to see more representative artwork such as Convent Dream.  We will be featuring art prints, matted photos, and giclees at affordable prices and in various sizes.

Not only will there be Art, there will also be music, food, and a petting zoo specially tailored  for kids.  This is meant to be an inter-generational festivity geared to fostering a family atmosphere while raising awareness and money.

When visiting, be sure to enjoy one of the best views of San Francisco and beyond.  Bernal Height Hill Park is a couple of blocks up and a great place to get away from the crowd, walk the dog and is a reasonable facsimile of an urban wilderness from which to see city.  The view rivals known hot spots like Twin Peaks and Coit Tower.

If your lucky, you might catch some of the best weather San Francisco has to offer since this time of the year falls under what's locally known as Indian Summer and is certainly warmer than fog-bound summer.

So, come to Cortland Ave. between Bocana and Folsom near Cesar Chaves (formerly known as Army Street) from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and enjoy five music bands, good food, and take home some awesome art ;)

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