Thursday, October 27, 2011

Virginal Verge

24" x 36" 
Oil on Canvas
At the Sacramento Fine Arts Festival - Convention Center
11/4/11 11/5/11 11/6/11

A young maiden on the verge of maturing is centered in the midst of the life's swirling chaos, letting her inner light shine upon the world.

"Virginal Verge"
by Juan Romagosa

Dreaming sweetly
rise and shine
whirling vortex
sneaks behind

Heart cloistering brightly
in its midst: star-shine
nestled safely
is glowing fine.

Heavenly fires your bosom 
lights with passion
portals of illusion
shadows of confusion.

At the crossroads of your mind
shining bright, sweet divine
windmills swish in time
above the slime.

At the gate
brazen decisions to take
discoveries made
mysteries fade

Enigmatic to the core
the spotlight
in spinning whorl
is glowing bright.

At the precipice
human blight;
at the center
future bright.

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